The Adventurers Guide to a Helicopter Elopement, Wedding & Proposal [+Packages]

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Welcome to the internet’s definitive guide to helicopter elopements, weddings and proposals for adventurous lovers.

In this article, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about how to create the perfect helicopter tour experience for your special day. If you’re planning a…

  • Heli-elopement tour that could includes landing at an epic scenic location like a glacier or mountaintop and conducting an elopement ceremony
  • Heli-wedding tour that also includes landing somewhere epic but with several guests and also includes a wedding ceremony
  • Helicopter proposal where you propose either at altitude in the helicopter or on-site at an epic location

You’ll be fully satisfied by our in-depth exploration of all things helicopter and love. Enjoy.


helicopter elopement photographer videographer flying in cockpit of air Zermatt helicopter around Swiss alp matterhorn

First, let’s talk about why you might want to consider a helicopter tour for your big day.

Because you’re flying (and landing!) at low altitude over the most pristine, beautiful locations on earth. I could probably stop there and have anyone convinced. I don’t think anyone needs much convincing as to why a helicopter tour is one of the most magical opportunities to share a truly novel and exciting experience with their lover.

Helicopters give us access to some of the most remote, and therefor pristine, beautiful, and epic locations on earth. There are an amazing amount of ultra-scenic locations that simply don’t have an easy way to access. You’ll be saying “I do” from glaciers to high remote alpine locations.

Insert, the helicopter. Our shining (or matte black) steed (dragon) of the sky that opens the gates of heaven on earth. At least that’s how I think of things.

The only real alternatives that allow for an epic AND private experience are few and far between these days. National Parks are often over-crowded, at least during the times of the year where all of their most awesome features are accessible. The only real workaround for this is to plan your elopement, wedding, or proposal for a weekday, or a sunrise.

The helicopter is literally the answer to the most private way to experience the wonders of the world, period. There’s just nothing like it.

What are the different kinds of helicopter tours?

There are many different types of helicopter tours. The most popular flight options for adventure weddings, elopements, and proposals include scenic flights, glacier landings and mountain/plateau landings. Vineyard tours and city tours are also available.

We’ll be focusing on helicopter rides that include landing in adventurous remote locations for wedding/elopement ceremonies and proposals.

  • Scenic Flightseeing: a short tour around the area which can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour with no landing point or stopping points throughout your journey.
  • Mountain / Plateau / Glacier Landing: This is the most popular helicopter tour for weddings, elopements, and proposals. These tours will include 30-60 minutes of flight time, plus 1-3 landings at various scenic locations (30-60 minutes at each).

Perhaps most importantly, tours can either be private, or not private. Since you’re here, you probably want to enjoy a private charter experience. Private meaning no additional guests (besides us) or only with people you know as friends and family.

The helicopters used for scenic tours fit 3-6 passengers so this does potentially leave room for 2 open seats but it’s often that a tour will have empty seats anyway. Additionally, helicopter touring companies usually have a private tour available, where it’s only marginally more expensive per person, instead of having to cover the full expense of an open seat.

bride and groom enjoying helicopter elopement flight through kauai's lush red and green Grand Canyon at Waimea canyon national park

How do I plan an epic helicopter proposal, wedding, or elopement?

Flying is a very particular activity, requiring a lot of planning ahead. So are elopements, weddings, and proposals. The precision tactical aerial planning will really pay off here though. Consider the following questions to best plan your helicopter tour:

  • What time of year do you want to plan the helicopter adventure?
    • Time of year will determine season and weather. Weather dictates your ability to fly as well as the accessibility of certain remote locations.
  • Do you want to land on a glacier, mountain, or plateau?
    • Tours range from 1-3 landings on average, with price increasing per landing by $200-$300 on average. We always recommend at least 1 landing for elopements, weddings, or proposal adventures.
  • Where does the helicopter leave from?
    • Helicopters leave from airports or locations with a helipad
  • How many people will be flying?
    • This will determine what size helicopter you need and if you’ll need more than 1
  • Are you bringing adventure equipment or wedding decor?
    • Flying is greatly impacted by weight, so any equipment or decor will need to be accounted for
  • What will you do if weather cancels your scheduled flight?
    • Make back-up plans for weather, we recommend blocking out 2-3 days to be able to reschedule your flight if needed. Book your lodging ahead of time to account for this as well.
  • Are you going to need an officiant and / or witness?
    • Some helicopter companies offer an Officiant Pilot for an extra fee. And in some states, I am an Officiant as well.
  • What is your total budget for the helicopter adventure?
    • Understand your budget so you can choose the best helicopter package for your adventure. Some have no landings, some have 1, some have up to 3. Private helicopter tours range from $500-$1000+ per person, with a minimum of 2 people.
  • Are there any deals on helicopter tour packages?
    • Helicopter touring companies will often have deals or partner with other travel services for a lower combined package price.
  • How and when do you actually book the flight?
    • Contact your favorite local helicopter touring company and book as far in advance as possible. Consider if you’re booking for a weekend or holiday, and what the weather is like that time of year (Helicopter tours will likely be closed on holidays).
    • Alternatively, it’s not uncommon to book last minutes just a few days prior. Weather can shut down a tour for the day so keep this in mind when booking far in advance. That said, companies will usually just allow you to reschedule for a clear day so booking in advance really just gives you an advantage no matter what.

The Helicopter Proposal – Tips n Tricks

Proposing in a helicopter takes the phrase “love is in the air” to new heights. Coordinate with the pilot about when the best time in the scenic flight path to propose will be. The pilot will likely know all the best pro tips for how to successfully, and safely, propose while flying.

  • Establish a code signal, word, or gesture with the pilot so they can signal when the perfect moment arises.
  • Smooth air can be a big help here too, so check with the pilot about the predicted air quality of the flight path.
  • Remember the ring! The anticipation of the helicopter proposal adventure can get exciting so make sure you remember to bring the ring (if you’re into rings that is).
  • Make plans for a romantic dinner or activity after the helicopter ride so you can keep the vibe and romantic flow all the way through the night.
  • Hire a photographer / videographer (either Karly or I can do both at the same time) to act as if they’re part of the photography crew for the helicopter tour company, or that you’ve hired them just to document the awesome adventure.

How much does a helicopter elopement, wedding or proposal cost?

Private helicopter tours range from $500-$1000 per person, with a minimum of 2 people. Shared helicopter adventures, meaning with people not in your group will usually range from $300-$700+. We’ll be focusing on the 3 main types of private helicopter experiences; elopements, weddings, and proposals.

  • Helicopter elopements will cost $500-$1,000 per person on average for the tour itself. The other aspects of an elopement including travel, lodging, officiant, florist, photographer and videographer will cost between $3,000-$20,000.
  • Helicopter weddings will cost $500-$1,000 per person on average for the tour itself as well. Additional aspects of the wedding including travel, lodging, catering, music, florals, rentals, photography and videography will cost between $5,000-$50,000.
  • Helicopter proposals will also cost between $500-$1,000 per person on average for the tour. A surprise proposal helicopter adventure also includes things like travel, lodging, photography, and videography, totaling around $3,000-$10,000 on average.
thirdeyesamuel adventure helicopter elopement photographer videographer planner stands next to red air Zermatt Swiss helicopter on landing pad in Zermatt Switzerland

Helicopter Elopement Packages (same as Wedding)

There is a helicopter elopement / wedding package from an intimate “just us” experience all the way to a 50 person grand event ON a glacier. Imagine a sky full of helicopters with all of your family and friends. The level of epic tops the charts here, breaks the game even.

The examples below are for the helicopter tour prices only and do not include photo or video from us. We do however offer to cover the cost of our seats at a minimum. And if the helicopter is all black we will reduce our total service price by $1117. See our photo video packages here.


  • 2 hour total tour duration
  • 40 minutes flight time
  • 40 minute private glacier landing
  • 40 minute private high alpine landing
  • Option to purchase Pilot Officiant (+$350)
  • Option to purchase champagne + strawberries (+$75)

Helicopter Proposal Packages

Helicopter surprise proposals are certainly one of the most memorable and exciting ways to show just how special your adventure lover is to you. There exist packages that will fly you into a remote wonder of the world where you can ask the biggest question of your life, “will you marry me?” If you ever wanted the best chances for a “yes” humanly possible, this would be it.


  • 1.5 hour total tour duration
  • 30 minutes flight time
  • 30-60 minute private alpine / glacier landing
  • Champagne + strawberries

Best Places for Helicopter Elopements, Weddings, and Proposal Adventures

adventure elopement bride and groom couple on slackline in the sky at national park dressed in all black suite and long white wedding dress kissing


The private helicopter tour itself ranges from $500-$1,000 per person, with a minimum of 2 people. The rest of the expenses for an elopement or wedding can range from $3,000 to $50,000 for services like photography, videography, officiant, catering, dj/music, lodging, travel, florist, etc…

We do currently offer a helicopter discount where we cover the costs of our seats. We also offer a $1,117 discount for any tours with an all black helicopter.

The typical adventure touring helicopters will fit between 2-6 passengers (not including pilot). There is also sometimes an option to choose a larger aircraft that can accommodate up to 10 people. For example, an Alaska helicopter tour company uses the R44 helicopter which fits up to 3 passengers max and also uses the A-Star helicopter which can fit up to 6 passengers max.

  • A-Star: 6 passengers
  • Eco-Star: 7 passengers
  • Bell 206: 5 passengers
  • Bell 407: 5-6 passengers
  • Robinson R44: 3 passengers
  • Hughes MD500: 5 passengers

Helicopter tours are between 30-120 minutes, depending on whether or not there is a landing involved. For example, a flight-seeing tour with no landing may only be 30 minutes however a glacier landing + remote alpine landing will be closer to 2 hours.

Oh heavens yes. We recommend nothing else but helicopter tours with a landing on a glacier, mountain, or plateau. Remember, you can enjoy more than 1 landing per tour.

Your favorite local helicopter touring company. We can also make recommendations based on your particular wedding, elopement, or proposal adventure.

I’d recommend booking as far in advance as possible, with the understanding that if weather causes a reschedule, you’re going to get first priority vs. someone booking short notice.

Absolutely, some helicopter touring companies can even accommodate up to 50 people at once!

Indeed they can. As long as they aren’t covered in fur anyway.

While we prefer (and discount for) all black, helicopters come in a variety of beautiful and classy paint schemes and colors. Ask your touring company what they have available when you’re in the booking process.

While helicopters can fly in most bad weather, they usually will not if it’s a public touring operation. Powerful wind gusts, fog, and clouds plus freezing temps make flying safely very difficult.

Also remember that poor weather conditions usually make for lower visibility, which is often the whole point of a helicopter tour. So even if the helicopter can fly, you might not be able to see what it is you’re flying over.

Helicopters are very safe to fly in. Especially public touring helicopters because they have to maintain a certain maintenance specification set at the highest standards. Helicopter touring companies also adhere to the safest possible flight patterns, as opposed to top gun private pilots.

Since you’re here enjoying our website you’re probably going to want to be wearing your wedding attire. With your wedding attire you’ll want to wear hiking boots or adventure appropriate footwear as well. If you want a classy shoe for the photos and video then you can bring those and change into them for the shoot. You can also bring a wind/rain jacket.

Depending on what kind of helicopter adventure you’re embarking on you’ll want to consider things like bringing a bag with sun protection, a wind/rain jacket, hiking boots, ice spikes, GPS tracker, snacks, and the RING if it’s a helicopter proposal of course.

A tip of $20-$100 is certainly appropriate depending on your experience. If the pilot is friendly, skilled, outgoing, and especially if they are your Officiant, tipping is a great idea.

Motion sickness from flying in a helicopter is unlikely, however if it is something you or your partner are prone to then do plan accordingly.

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Author: Samuel, Dragon King of ThirdEyeSamuel – Lover of All Beings
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